The ADR Pro-App

The ADR-Pro is a complete app for iPhone and Android. It assists everybody involved in road transport of dangerous goods. Are you a lorry driver, safety adviser, a planner or a warehouse officer ? Then ADR-Pro offers you useful tools to support you in your daily work.

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Changes from ADR-Pro 2011

ADR-Pro 2013 has an additional function: safety equipment. This shows you at a glance what equipment a driver needs to have on board when transporting dangerous goods. The alphabetic list of materials has also been improved following feedback from ADR-Pro 2011 users. It is now searchable and can also be sorted by UN number. So ADR-Pro 2013 is now meeting users’ needs even better than before!


Hereafter we elaborate on some important functionalities of ADR-Pro. A complete overview and further directions for use is contained in a useful film which deals with the use of the app and all its functionalities which you may watch here below.


You are planning a transport and you want to know which tunnels are on the itinerary and where the tank can be cleaned. The ADR-Pro shows you a list of the tunnels, together with their classes and also the tank cleaning locations. These may also be shown on a map. It is also possible to see the exact address and contact data.

Hazard ID's and UN-numbers

You wish to obtain all the detail information concerning  the commodity and to learn which regulations are applicable to it. By means of ADR-Pro you may look up these data and details simply by using the Hazard ID and/or the UN-number. If you do not know these numbers, but you do know the name of the material, the alphabetical commodity list will help you further. The app then shows you all the relevant information, such as e.g. the class, the classification code, tunnel restrictions, but also the special rules and packing instructions. Moreover, ADR-Pro helps you to designate the commodity line in the transport document and to add the material to your transport list.

Text on the transport document

The description of dangerous materials on the transport document is subjected to strict rules and may therefore be cumbersome. Supplementary rules may apply, as e.g. in transport of hazardous waste or materials having a negative impact on the environment. The ADR-Pro will determine, after getting from you answers to a few questions, the correct description of the goods to be inserted in the transport document. This feature is clarified in a separate instruction film which you may watch here below:

Transport list

You may wish to know whether your shipment meets the criteria for the 1000-points exemption and whether you should avoid certain tunnels. The ADR-Pro contains a transport list for this purpose, to which you can add yourself more commodities. On the basis of this list and the volumes, the app determines if the 1000-points exemption applies to your shipment. If so, the app tells you at once which exemptions are valid. The app also shows through which tunnels your transport may or may not pass. This feature is also clarified in a separate instruction film, which you may watch here below.

More information and downloading

More information about the ADR-Pro 2013 app can be found in this leaflet.

The ADR-Pro may be downloaded via the App Store of Apple (iOS) and via Play Store of Google (Android).







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