The way of making a declaration to Customs has been intensively modified during the recent years. Manually completing yards long forms has, fortunately, been replaced by a digital process. That contributes to much increased efficiency and avoids long waiting times at border crossings.

Irrespective the question whether you import goods yourself on your own behalf or on behalf of clients, or you present export shipments to non-EU countries, CustomsController makes you shake hands with a customs officer only virtually. In addition, you stay yourself always in complete control of the process.

In order to make data and applications as widely as possible available, we have chosen internet as platform. From whatever working location you may obtain access to our customs software CustomsController, which enables you rapidly to complete and file import and export , EMCS, ECS, portbase or transit declarations. Subsequently we exchange your declarations rapidly and without errors with Customs.

Attention for your wishes.

Selecting Beurtvaartadres douane means choosing a partner which has full attention for your specific wishes and is pleased to inform you about your chances.

Benelux market leader in customs declaration software.

Beurtvaartadres douane is market leader in the Benelux of declaration software. Annually we assist many companies in complying with their administrative customs obligations. We are operating as a completely independent party. The confidentiality of your information to customs is thereby guaranteed: a pleasing reassurance.

Instantly clear

Beurtvaaradres doaunehas much know-how and an enormous experience with all thinkable customs  matters. That enables us to always and efficiently assist you to get started, much to the point and above all clear. In addition we can implement quickly and flexibly technical and functional adjustments in your organisation.


CustomsController offers you a large range of functionalities. The program keeps the declarations of each authorisation holder separate, so that it is possible to lodge declarations on behalf of more companies simultaneously. CustomsController offers the possibility to enter basic data and update tables with regard to repetitive data such as addresses and goods information.
It is also possible to adapt overview screens in CustomsController to the situation of the own company, even specified per user. When you have entered a declaration and you want to send it, then CustomsController carries out a number of checks. If the declaration does not comply with the conditions, you get a clear instruction on how you should rectify it. You use the software via internet; your declaration is transmitted to Customs through OTP (Overheidstransactiepoort – government transaction portal).


The benefits of lodging a declaration through CustomsController:

  • secure, simple and reliable
  • fully automatically linked to your ERP- system (enterprise resource planning), both uploading and downloading
  • no waste of time by having to go to the Customs nearest office
  • available when and where you need it
  • single requirements are an internet connection and a pc
  • client-server environment with SQL-database
  • import-, export-, EMCS-, EC-, and transit declarations integrated in one package
  • possibility to print T5 and T2L(F) documents
  • automatic receipt (by e-mail) of the message ‘Permission to depart’
  • multi-user application
  • all documents needed may be printed
  • clear windows and boxes
  • payment per declaration
  • simple lodging of repeated declarations by means of the functionality software

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