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Facilitation the logistical chain


Acting on behalf of the entrepreneurial organisations in The Netherlands

Beurtvaartadres supports the transport and logistics industry by facilitating the exchange and storage of information on logistics transactions to reduce total transaction costs.

To do this, they provide knowledge, user-friendly portals, and products. Beurtvaartadres aims to provide a sustainable and socially responsible service, and pass this CSR commitment on to its employees, customers and suppliers.

Beurtvaartadres is independent and acts on behalf of the Dutch business organisations evofenedex, Goederenvervoer Nederland, Nederlands Binnenvaartbureau, and Transport en Logistiek Nederland.


  • publishes transport-related documents;
  • facilitates importers and exporters in the (digital) settlement of their foreign trade and for trade within the Community in as efficiently and user-friendly manner as possible;
  • is the sole distributor of TransFollow, the standard for digital consignment notes.

More information, please contact us

Jörgen Hensgens


Contact TransFollow Int. for use of the standard digital consignment note (the e-CMR) outside of the Netherlands